SS 2018

The Unique Edition Spring Summer Collection explores the concept of uniqueness
through absolute colour, shapes and pleats. White, black, impalpable colours or
explosions of contrasting colours. Geometric stitched pleats shape the fabric like an
origami figure or, on the contrary, like flowing waves.
Opposites meet.

White. The stretch-cotton poplin skirt is constructed with horizontal stitched pleats: thin
modules with curved contours create a plastic circular shape. The same pleats sculpt the
shape of the dress: they become dense, vertical on the bust, surrounding it like a super
feminine tuxedo shirt; always at a tight rhythm, but with horizontal pleats from the waist
The over-shirt has the simple and essential shape of Middle Eastern tunics but becomes a
sophisticated garment thanks to the game of pleats that frame the neck and cut across
the bust. The silk cady tunic dress outlines a flowing silhouette and exudes a seductive
elegance with its design that leaves the shoulders and arms bare.
The pleats, a stylistic feature of the brand, play a game of sartorial virtuosity in the white
dress that, worn with a singlet top, moves as the woman walks thanks to the pleats
constructed sideways on the skirt. Stretched pleats are only found in the stitched part and
resemble blades of grass moving in the wind.

Pale Yellow. The short tunic dress in viscose, pale yellow like the colour of the moon,
features a skilful game of flowing pleats made with hidden ribbons that drape the fabric
on the side. The robe-de- chambre is made of the same fabric, essential and regal thanks
to way the fabric falls, with large reeds that create a rich handkerchief-shaped collar.

Light pistachio. Echoes of travels and timeless elegance for the pistachio-coloured jacket
and trouser suit. The suit is comprised of a long jacket with a small collar and large side
splits and wide leg trousers in “faux-uni” blended fabric made of cotton, viscose and
micro steel threads that give it a delicate wrinkled effect. Vaguely mannish, the suit was
designed for a woman with an elegant and carefree stride, with hands in her pocket to
reveal the multicoloured lining.
Pistachio is expressed in a bright, almost fluro shade in the viscose dresses. A modern
interpretation of an ancient peplum, the dress hides the trousers with draping on the

Explosion of colours: sky blue, red, pink, sea blue, green, orange, intersected by small
white pieces, alternate fantastically in the series of full-colour dresses: a tunic with wide
sleeves or sleeveless with V-shaped neckline, the dress has pleats on the side that move
the silhouette.

Prints and patterns are next summer’s proposal, and are also featured in the long dress
made of impalpable cotton voile, cut straight on the neckline with straps created by fabric
rolled in a torchon fashion.
The symphony of explosive and festive colours quietens down in the black dress
constructed with games of folds that envelop the arms and shoulders in a cape-like effect
or in the dress with V-neck whose soft folds and draping converge in the centre, hiding a
pair of trousers underneath.