FW 17-18

The Unique Edition Collection for next winter features a dynamic play of lines and colours. It moves and becomes vital. The colours create contrasting or harmonious positive and negative spaces, as they embrace and move away from each other. Empty silences are created. Explosions, contrasts.

The shapes of the clothes are intertwined with the colours, which at times are soft to mask the lines of the shapes, nothing is clearly defined and the ensemble is discovered in stages. Other times, instead, they are surprising, they move and slip away.

Next winter’s Unique Edition coats combine viscose cady with cashmere wool cloth. The severe shape is lost in the whirlwind of colours with ocean blue, sky blue, terracotta, dusty pink, red onion pieces. The pockets with flap that cover the opening continue to play, they deceive and upset the common sense of things. The coat is worn with pants featuring soft pleats on the front and white shirt with bow on the back.

The shapes indulge the rhythm of colour.

The round neck of the jackets and coats accompanies the broken progression of the prints and is divided into two segments, the high martingale marks the horizontal rhythm of the light on the back, the asymmetrical pockets, angled, follow the backgrounds of different lights.

The printed skirt in wool gabardine and viscose has origami folds on the front, a geometric print with alternating colours of mustard, red, cobalt blue, light yellow. It has absolute colours, lights of Nordic lands. The wheel print mixes wide segments of pink camellia, bright green, charcoal grey, sky blue, orange; pale, tropical colours.
Each item with coloured prints leads to a faraway place, to a horizon, a memory of light.
The colour becomes absolute in the rigorous double-breasted bright yellow coat closed with two small black buttons resembling joyful and impertinent eyes. Or the carnation red coat, with large round collar and two small oblong-shaped pockets for the hands. Or the black caban overcoat in flannel which wraps softly around the body.
Flat shoes, laced but open – red and metal green – complete the perception of the Unique Edition woman for next winter.
A clear-cut perception: a woman who enjoys herself and life.